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Ruby Magnifiers: Perfect magnification tools for any occasion

There are now countless tools and technologies available for people who are visually impaired. It is nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Luckily, Optelec will make it easier […]

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5 Useful Apps For Visually Impaired People

There is a wide variety of visual aid apps available on the app store, however, navigating the app store to find the right one can be a nightmare. You often […]

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OrCam Read: Making Reading More Accessible

The OrCam Read is one of the exciting visual aids we have available for demonstrations at Bradbury Lodge. The OrCam Read is a small device that uses a smart camera […]

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The OXSIGHT Onyx: A Powerful Tool for Maximising Eyesight

On 24th January we will be holding an open day at Bradbury Lodge for anyone who would like to try the OXSIGHT Onyx glasses. The OXSIGHT Onyx are a set […]

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