Annual Accounts

Each year MyVision Oxfordshire’s accounts are produced, examined externally and approved by the board of trustees. These are then accepted by the members and submitted to the Charity Commission and Companies House.

Here you can find a summary of our accounts, a PDF download of our full accounts, a Word download of our Trustees’ full report and accounts and an audio download of our Annual Report.

MyVision Oxfordshire Annual Accounts 2022/23

Below are a set of four tables, outlining our income and expenditure for 2022/23 and for comparison 2021/22. To access the full accounts you can dlownload a word or PDF version below.

2022/23 Income

Unrestricted FundsRestricted FundsTotal
Charitable Activities£7,280£0£7,280
Other Trading Activities£1,805£0£1,805
Other Income£4,382£0£4,382
TOTAL INCOME£256,596£83,225£339,821

2022/23 Expenditure

Unrestricted FundsRestricted FundsTotal
Raising Funds£60,654£511£61,165
Charitable Activity£78,063£199,645£277,708
Total Expenditure£138,717£200,156£338,873
Net gains/(losses) on investments (£6,604£0£6,604
Net income / (Expenditure)£111,275(£116,931)(£5,656)

2021/22 Income

Unrestricted FundsRestricted FundsTotal
Charitable Activities£4,410£0£4,410
Other Trading Activities£0£0£0
Other Income£0£5950£5950
TOTAL INCOME£170,314£107,230£277,543

2021/22 Expenditure

Unrestricted FundsRestricted FundsTotal
Raising Funds£61,103£262£61,365
Charitable Activity£46,708£150,266£196,973
Total Expenditure£107,810£150,528£258,338
Net gains/(losses) on investments £2,175
Net income / (Expenditure)£64,679£43,298£21,380





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MyVision Oxfordshire is registered as a charity in England and Wales No.1140556 and as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales No. 07465300.