How to use the ReBokeh magnifier app

ReBokeh is a new magnifier app, designed with visually impaired people in mind. The app is easily customisable; you can adjust contrast, exposure, colour inversion and much more. Here is how to use this handy new app.

Using ‘Back Tap’ (If set up)

– Double Tap to Open: With the setup done, double-tap the back of your iPhone to open ReBokeh.

How to Use ReBokeh

1. Start the App: Open ReBokeh from the home screen or use ‘Back Tap’.

2. Make Filters: Look for a button to create or customise your video filters.

3. Adjust for Your Eyes: Use options in the app to change contrast, colours, zoom, and light to what works best for you.

4. See Through Filters: Apply your filters to the live camera view to see differently.

5. Keep Your Favorites: Save your best filter settings for quick use later.


– Take Your Time: Explore ReBokeh to learn all that it offers.

– Customize It: Use the app’s tools to make seeing easier and better for you.

If you have any questions or would like us to demonstrate this new app, please contact us at or 01865 725595.

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