Your iPhone’s New Companion: Discover ‘Point and Speak’ at MyVision Oxfordshire:

by Jamie Sargent

Dive into a world where your iPhone amplifies the unseen, thanks to iOS 17’s updated Magnifier app, now featuring ‘Point and Speak’.

This remarkable feature transforms text interactions, reading aloud labels as you point your device. From the microwave buttons to laundry labels, every text becomes audible. Coupled with VoiceOver, it’s a game changer for daily interactions.

Join us at MyVision Oxfordshire to explore ‘Point and Speak’. Our team is thrilled to guide you through the new feature, ensuring you harness its full potential. While you’re with us, delve into other accessibility features like VoiceOver and Zoom, each designed to add a layer of ease to your digital interactions. We can help you make your iPhone more than just a device; by mastering these handy features you could turn it into your personal assistant that assists with countless tasks.

Your journey towards a more accessible everyday life is just a visit away. Discover, learn, and embrace the unseen with ‘Point and Speak’ at Bradbury Lodge.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us at or 01865 725595.

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