‘Be My Eyes’ New Feature: Creating Custom Groups

By Andreas Findlow:

The ‘Be My Eyes’ app now has a fantastic new feature, it is now possible to create groups of friends and family members.

If you are hesitant to use the call a volunteer button to connect with a stranger, you can now create groups with people you know and then choose to call one of the created groups.

The first person in the group to respond to the call will get connected to the visually impaired person in the same way as a volunteer, but with the benefit of the visually impaired user having control over who can answer their call.

You can create up to five groups and every group can have up to 20 members in it.

How to create a group :

1. Open the Be My Eyes app.

2. Make sure the ‘Get support’ tab at the bottom left corner is active

3. In the middle of the screen locate the ‘Call a Volunteer’ button.

4. If you are using VoiceOver swipe to the right two times and you should hear the ‘My Groups’ button. Double tap this button with one finger.

5. A new screen will pop up. Swipe right until you hear the ‘Create a Group’ button, then double tap with one finger to activate, if you are using VoiceOver.

6. The next screen will give you some information about creating groups. Swipe to the right with one finger until you hear the ‘Continue’ button. Double tap it with one finger.

7. In the next screen you will have to give your new group a name. Swipe right until you hear the ‘Group name’ text field. Double tap with one finger to activate the text field and put in the name you want for your new group. Then swipe right until you hear the ‘Create Group’ button and double tap with one finger to activate.

8. The next step is to share your group link with the people you want to be part of your newly created group.  Swipe right with one finger until you find the ‘Share Invite’ link button.  This button will bring up a screen where you can choose how you want to share the link. You can share it in many different ways: messages, e-mail, WhatsApp, or you can choose to copy the link itself and then paste it in to wherever you want to share it.

This feature will give more control to the individual user and also make it easier if you need help with something more personal or sensitive that friends or family could help with.

How to call one of your groups in Be My Eyes:

1. Open the ‘Be My Eyes’ app and make sure you have the ‘Get Support’ tab active, the tab in the left bottom corner of the screen.

2. Locate the ‘Call a Volunteer’ button and swipe right until you hear ‘My Groups’ button. Double tap to activate.

3. Swipe until you hear the name of the group you want and then double tap on it.

4. Swipe right again until you hear ‘Call Name of Group’, for example ‘Call Family’ button . use one finger to double tap if you are using VoiceOver.

If you are not using VoiceOver or TalkBack you will have to locate the buttons visually and you would not have to double tap to activate buttons or text fields.

If you have any questions or would like us to demonstrate this new feature, please contact us at info@MyVision.org.uk or 01865 725595.

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